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New or Old?

December 10, 2012

Are you new or old?  I said to the 20 something dad in a leather blazer.

The man who moments before had been speaking in a confident manner turned his eyes downward with a waver entering his voice as he answered,


The nurse called our name at that exact moment, so rather than go into a dialog about diagnoses all I could offer was, “We’re old.  All I can say is that it can get better.”

It feels different being ‘old’.

We were escorted to our room where we were lucky enough to have had a nurse that we saw frequently throughout treatment.  They remember Isa, mostly they remember us because Isa looks so much different.

She apologized for being late, because she had to take someone upstairs.  That is the code word for INPATIENT ONCOLOGY.  Isa calls it going upstairs.    Going upstairs is the start of the ride.

But for Isa, we’re pulling into the loading area, and getting ready to disembark. Her ANC was 5300, her platelets at 191K.  We’re at the end of the ride.  Her spleen is receding, her strength is returning,  her calves aren’t as tight, and she doesn’t fall when she walks.  Now we’re just working on arm strength so she can turn a proper cartwheel.

We’re doing OK.  We have a little fun.  We have a little stress.  We have a lot of love and honestly, for us it is still one day at a time.

Peas out.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    December 11, 2012 11:32 am

    Through all of this she still remains courageous. Isa is my hero!!

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