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Day by Day

September 1, 2011

Still seems strange to not being dealing with meds, ports and whatnot, but I see the scar, you know My Favorite Scar, and I remember to be nice. To take a deep breath when it takes an extra 20 minutes to put her to bed.

Today, and yesterday and the day before we dealt with regular kid stuff. I notice that she has dark circles under eyes, who doesn’t, but the low platelets must be causing that.  Everything except her platelets have eased back within in normal range. She gets her blood drawn through the arm by some VERY nice phlebotomists.

We had some behavioral stuff going on. Likely just a product of being treated differently for so long. As we pull out of that we simply enjoy having her around. Still feels so strange. Going through so much for so long and then to have it over. Just odd. Hard to believe. Surreal.

Overall things are going. We will be starting to make lifeplans again.  Anyone else feel like this? Like, oh, yeah, that is what I wanted to do 3 years ago. I remember now…..

Thanks for reading.


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