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October 29, 2010

Thanks to all of those who are reading and checking in with us.

Isa has been afebrile since at least 8am this morning, (10.29.10) Her anc is up to 84. Her hemoglobin is riding low at 6.8, but we chose not to transfuse her because her monocytes are 65 and she isn’t on any chemo right now. Our assumption, and that of the doctors was that it would likely rise on its own.

We are still in lock down because her nasal swab grew something. Tomorrow morning I will start asking to go home keeping in mind that if her fevers return then we have to wait until  24 hours from the first documented low temp.

Right now she’s watching the Magic School Bus, she actually ate half of her broccoli. (okay so i made a deal, half of dessert for half of broccoli +  a math lesson, half of something big (a bowl of broccoli) is bigger than half of something small (dessert).

The nurse changed her port dressing because it was coming off and itchy. Isa was pretty amazing just laying there letting them pull it off.  The nurses are frequently impressed with her fantabulous behavior.

The respiratory therapist suggest Xopenex instead of albuterol because she was awake until 4 am this morning, with shaking all likely caused by the medication. Some kids react more strongly to it than other kids. Xopenex also causes these but may not effect it as much. Her hands are still sort of shaky, but lets hope we aren’t up until the wee hours again.

Oh and I hugged her lots.

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  1. Ann Brown permalink
    November 5, 2010 10:00 pm

    “afebrile” — love that word. Medspeak at it’s best.

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