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Gentle Reminders

August 24, 2010

Yesterday was our monthly visit to the hospital.  Getting up early and driving two hours leaves the girls cranky, not to mention the rest of us who are typically cranky.

We got there, signed in and then the girls started arguing over the computer game station that is in the waiting room.

We were sort of in and out, but not really. It just went sort of smoothly.  Isa got accessed sans crying, and received her Vincristine.

They upped her dosage of 6-MP because her counts were too high for the past three months. Normally they won’t increase the dosage unless there is change greater than 10% in the BSA…. weight X height divided by 3600 then take the square root.  BUT, Isa got her dosage increased because her counts went like this 2100 ANC to 3200 ANC and then this month 3600 ANC.

She tolerated the medicine well, but she did end up with diarrhea and a fever.  I took note of the fever told her dad the temp and we decided to watch it.  At 11:00 she felt cool to the touch.  Always a game those damn fevers.  Also a gentle reminder that this ain’t over until, well, never. As long as she is alive there will be something about cancer that will remain. Whether it is an unusual dislike of salt water (when her port is accessed she can  taste or smell the saline) or something worse. Cancer is here with us for the long run.   Maybe it’s time we made nicey nicey and became friends.

We’ll see how this week on Dex goes.  Everyone loves a 4 year old on steroids!!!  And how she tolerates her new dosages.  She is a trooper, and so is her sister for putting up with all of this for over a year.  Siblings need support too.

Thanks for reading


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  1. Susan permalink
    August 30, 2010 9:06 pm

    It’s good to see you posting again. Don’t let the bastards grind you down, and by bastards, I mean anyone who would critisize a mother’s blog about her daughter’s cancer! People like that are a special type of asshole. like a Glenn Beck type of Asshole. (sorry that’s as bad as I can think of right now, and I’m trying to stay true to the spirit of the Dirty mouth…

  2. Julie permalink
    August 25, 2010 6:36 pm

    Nice to hear that Isa is tolerating maintenance well. My 7yr old has been about 2 months behind you on the same protocol. Same adventures with her big sister. Putting your mind around never being able to say goodbye to canceris not fun. Stay tough mom, I’m right here with ya 😉

    • August 27, 2010 9:53 am

      Your family is the exact type I was thinking of when I wrote most of what I wrote here. Some for our own families, but really, they don’t care about the specifics. In fact I was told that the posts about the specific drugs was “not what we wanted to hear,” as if they were the only people reading this blog. When we were diagnosed, I found a information here and there, and frequently posted the links either in the Blogroll or in posts. Going through this type of cancer is tough. Of course other types of pediatric cancer are tough too, but they have their own protocols and drugs etc. Having somewhere you can read about what is coming up is nice. Rather than surfing through thousands of messages on the boards, which I did!

      Good luck with your treatments. I am currently in countdown mode, to NO MORE DEX!!! The stress that this one medication alone puts on our family is enormous.

      Thanks again for reading!

  3. August 24, 2010 8:35 pm

    Good luck to Isa and your family at this difficult time.

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