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December 30, 2009

Today found Isa playing Wii with her dad. It is on a cart that they can roll into their room.  I, however, did not step foot into the hospital. This is both freeing and difficult.


So many things bouncing around in my head it becomes hard to sort them all out. Yes, I live in a constant state of confusion. I wonder if they captured that particular aspect of my personality in the documentary about us, airing in February?

Never-the-less (if WordPress had a word counter like Facebook, I would certainly see never-the-less.) Yes I am rambling and I have earned the right! One daughter in the hospital, One daughter so checked out that she can’t stay focused on anything, A husband who is working himself into oblivion and me in a constant state of confusion. At least I can blame it on menopause.

Back to Isa:

Another fever cropped up around 7:30, thus leading to more tylenol and a change of antibiotic, as well as some lovely blood cultures. She now receives Zosyn and another according to Papa’s text message, viacamison. My guess though is that she is receiving Vancomysin. Typically this drug is considered a last-resort. I suppose because the Zosyn wasn’t working to bring down her fever they switched to using both.

The great thing about all this antibiotic use is that she may not even have any bacteria growing inside of her. The fever could simply be caused by her body. GREAT!  All those vancomysin resistant bacteria are loving these doses.  And let’s not forget our friend Rocephin that she got last Tuesday for a fever that she was running then.

If it ain’t the cancer that gets ’em it’s the treatment.

So basically, I have no idea when Isa will be getting out of the hospital.

With lots of things on our plate and not enough money to fund them, we’re going to have a fundraising event in her honor….

The ChickieFuzz Challenge.

This event will contain lots of hair.. or shall I say loss of hair! Going bald for a good cause. I’m taking pledges now. Papa & Mama are shaving their heads, and  so far I’ve got a few others too.  It works like this, tell people that you’re going to shave your head, (they say, yeah right, then you say, no really, and it goes on like this….) finally you say.. okay,  you pledge some money and when I come back with no hair you give it to me….. do you see where this is going… then you give that money to us!

Not a dash for cash, no one has to run anywhere, and no one gets hurt doing this.  IT IS JUST HAIR… it will grow back.  Live life on the edge, go for skin.

Email me for details. dirtymouthmama at gmail (dot) com.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. anonymous permalink
    January 3, 2010 1:41 pm

    I think the idea of the Chickiefuzz Challenge is great! I have seen events similar to this take place before, always with great results. I was wondering which establishment you have chosen to donate all of the money to. Riley Hospital? Ronald McDonald House? Cancer Research? Just need to know who we need to write the check to!

    • January 3, 2010 2:50 pm

      Contact us directly for more information dirty mouth mama at gmail dot com.

      • February 13, 2011 6:20 am

        hi…..congratulations!…….I’M PRAYIN’ that my son michael will do completely recover same as ISA….your story , really give me hope..THANKS!

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