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Continued Fever

December 30, 2009

Even with BOTH antibiotics and tylenol Isa is running a fever of about 39 to 39.3. ( you have to translate it I operate in celsius for body temps!) Her cultures have shown NO growth for 48 hours. For 24 hours she has been taking Zosyn and Vancomycin. Her ANC this morning was ZERO. She has absolutely NO immunity right now. Amazing isn’t it. The body knows that her WBC/Neutrophils are low and it heats up.

From a doctor’s perspective this creates a problem. The fever needs to be managed, as in it can’t get too high, and it could also indicate an infection, so prophylactic antibiotics and tylenol are prescribed for these items.

Wow. Amazing body. Doctors who plan ahead. Loving Daddy staying with Isa. And a whole damn house full of stuff that needs to move.

From the message boards I’ve gleaned that patients could hover around ZERO for a week or more (up to three weeks), all the while receiving the antibiotics and remaining in-patient. OR they can be out in 48 hours. Just in case you forgot we were dealing with something similar in August >>>> Click here to read about one day of it.

Just when I think I can’t do any more or handle it all….. something else comes up.

Rather than bore you with the details just know that all of this is making me stronger. And when you see me in two weeks I will be ONE of MANY  with a bald head!

MAKE YOUR PLEDGES NOW TO THE chickieFUZZ CHALLENGE. So far no one has pledged any money.  How much is it worth it to you to see a bunch of people with NO HAIR IN JANUARY!!  Sounds ridiculous. It isn’t. Chemo is very serious.

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  1. Kelly permalink
    January 4, 2010 10:40 am

    What do I need to do to make a pledge??

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