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VOD Still Main Suspect in Missing Platelets

December 26, 2009

23k today >>>>> 237 ml of A positive platelets.

It went relatively smoothly. I can say without a doubt, I’d rather be doing something else, but if this condition, veno-occlusive disease, is as benign as the doctor said it was then I am grateful for a little time to just focus on Isa and family life.

Being with my oldest daughter and with my husband has been amazing. We all love each other so much and how easy life can derail us from those feelings. Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude. I am thankful (that if I had to be married and have kids) that I have these kids and this husband.

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  1. Ann Brown permalink
    December 28, 2009 9:52 pm

    Sorry to hear about the fever and automatic two-day stay. Truly sucks. I was hoping things might start to get easier for you all.

    Will be thinking of you and Isa, and hoping for the best.

    Ann (Elke’s mom)

    • December 28, 2009 11:10 pm

      I was hoping for better too. We discussed giving her tylenol and waiting 30 minutes to see if she was better, but the risks are so high and guessing wrong could be deadly. So off we went…. being so conscientious is difficult sometimes. Just posted a new entry with some details.

  2. Ann Brown permalink
    December 27, 2009 9:00 pm

    Glad to hear the VOD is considered relatively “benign.” Still sounds scary to me. Amazing that you are able to feel such gratitude and thankfulness right now. Many who have not been through this journey might wonder how, but we know that being forced to confront the fear of losing your child makes most things aside from family and close friends pale in significance. Your husband, oldest daughter, and Isa all sound amazing.

    Isa is always in my thoughts and prayers. I hope she emerges from DI2 soon into the final chapter of this saga, LTM.

    And I hope you all can soon put an end to extraordinarily frequent platelet transfusions???

    Ann (Elke’s mom)

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