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Clean Ducks

December 15, 2009

Or  rather ducts.

Thanks to a friend with a penchant for talking to people. A local owner of DUCTZ, happened into her office, and when she asked for an estimate, the owner,  said, “For our one-year anniversary of being in business, we’ve decided to give away cleanings to people in need.”

Promptly, she called me, and emailed me. If she had used twitter, she’d have tweeted me too.

So our air ducts were cleaned professionally. This company provided a fantastic service and I would highly recommend that everyone consider having this service performed annually. The build-up amazes me, but we all could breathe easier.

Thanks so much to TK and to Ductz for really helping us out when we needed it!

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  1. December 16, 2009 6:42 am

    Nothing like having clean ducks. 🙂 My husband and I have our routine when we know that Lily will be visiting at our house. The sanitizing spray and wipes come out – and we give everything a once-over – even the furniture. I teach school, and every child gets a squirt of hand sanitizer when they walk into the room. A cancer diagnosis changes the lives of everyone in the family – even the extended one.

    Just want you to know that Isa and your entire family continues in our prayers.

    Carol Johnston (Lily’s grandma)

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