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Day 29-A week late

December 7, 2009

Last week Isa’s ANC leveled out at 665, today it soared to 2700.  Because her ANC rose above 750,  and her platelets were above 75k, we started the second half of Augmented Delayed Intensification 2.  600 mg of Cytoxan, 45 of Ara-c along with Mesna and Zofran for supportive medications.  Today the NP ordered a new anti-emetic that we opted not to use.  She vomited last time, but this time I expect for her to sail through sans vomitus.

Today we arrived at 9:00, accessed the port after applying the LMX cream to her port area then drew blood for her labs. The tegaderm we normally use, for both the LMX cream and the port covering, caused Isa’s skin to turn slightly red so for the long-term (remaining accessed for  four days) we switched to the special allergic one. We received the results quickly from the lab which indicated that today would indeed be our long day.

During our waiting period Isa started infusing fluids, (potassium chloride) to hydrate herself before receiving the Cytoxan. This drug requires fluids because it could damage the urinary bladder, therefore Mesna is usually also administered.  About an hour after starting the fluids the docs require a urine test for several things, one of which, specific gravity, Isa was  a bit too high.  So we re-tested about an hour later, just before entering the procedure room for her lumbar puncture and she arrived to the proper level.

Local Girl Scout Troop 700 donated some creative items to keep the children entertained. In the early morning she painted a “stained-glass-window” and started on a monster stuffed animal. The back of the eyes and mouth stick on to the fabric.  We’ll finish that one later.  Also we played a game called Choo-Choo cover-up where we pick  words out of a bag, if they match a word on our game board we can cover it up. Isa helped me, matching the word upside-down.

After the LP with morphine, versed and intrathecal methotrexate we ate some food, took a short nap, and watched the movie, Stellaluna. Right now we are finishing a bear movie and getting ready to leave. Before we leave she has to pee again. This seems like an easy task, but not always.

Thanks for reading.


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