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Turn It Up

October 23, 2009

Ever since college, I have imagined the sound-track of my life. In the movies, we see characters perform daily, or routine tasks to an amazing musical score. (Sometimes not so amazing.) In “real” life it used to be tough to have music blocking out all noise. BUT, once when I left the VP on Jordan a frat boy in a convertible Jeep had his music so loud, it blotted out every other sound. This was my first sound-track moment.  Today, with the proliferation of headphones and iPods, the sound-track moments could occur with more frequency.

However, tonight as the sun set brightly in the southwestern sky, a brilliant orange yellow blasted our eyes, while listening to  the radio playing some Van Morrison, Isa says, “Turn it up Mommy.”  A lot of the time she screams to turn off the music or that she hates music. Once before she asked me to turn it up. That time was also Van Morrison.

My only guess about her choice comes from  a period of time before diagnosis and chemo and cancer treatments. A time when she simply was a child. Every day on the way to preschool we listened to the same CD. We also drove from Indiana to Florida  to Indiana to New York to Indiana all in a months time. And yes, you guessed it, that CD was in heavy rotation.

If music has affected my life as much as it has, I imagine that Van Morrison could play an important role in defining part of Isa’s past.

What do you think about the role of music in a child’s life?

Name one sound-track moment from your life.

This isn’t the original version. But I thought it played nicely into what I was talking about.  For those of you who don’t know The Wallflowers is the band performing this. The lead singer of that band is Jakob Dylan, Bob Dylan’s son.

And just to continue the Van Morrison/Dylan connection here is another song from the album that Isa likes.

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