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Just me and ChickiePoo

October 19, 2009

Today started out like so many others that I cannot distinguish it from any other. The four of us piled in our bed. At some point every day, in the wee hours of morning, Isa comes into our room. I hear her footie pajamas slipping on the wooden floor. To ease her entry into our snuggly fortress, I lift the covers. She deftly curls into a tiny ball and tucks her head under my chin. Papa reaches across me to touch her as if to protect us all. Our little sleeper doesn’t come in until it is almost light. Depending on the prevailing amount of crankiness in the air, she may or may not join us.

Then as our consciousness seeps back into this reality…. I woke up thinking Money wanted me to move to Maine. I told him that if he wanted to move there it would be without me, because it was just too cold there… dawns on us that today was a hospital day.


Since October 1, 2009 the clinic, and the hospital, has implemented a “flu policy”. At first it was quite annoying, but now it sort of gives us permission to NOT go as a family. For the first 10 months,we went to every appointment together (okay, so maybe we missed one or two.) But now, we are forced to leave GG at home, which of course means that a parent has to stay.

Easy day really, just a lot of people in the waiting room, a few of them with problems that sound a lot like the flu. One Mama with her three-year-old daughter who was coming in to get a bone marrow biopsy/aspiration, to get a diagnosis. For those of you who may not remember what a BMA  is like, Click here to review.  I quickly told her about what to expect. That is not something that parents should walk into without knowing.

This week, it was my turn to go. In fact, I think I will just take every turn. Money has a MAJOR block with the hospital. For whatever reason, it leaves him in such a mood that I worry about his brain exploding from the stress. Today, he and Gg went out and about and had a fabulous Daddy/Daughter Day. Isa and I get along pretty well too. And with a little caffeine I get chatty with all the female nurses. Maybe Money just can’t hang with the girls. Hell, let’s be  honest, he wouldn’t hang with any chicks if it weren’t for one thing. Yeah, shopping and talking, I suppose that is two, but he loves shopping and talking, just not the small talk. I wonder if this will make any of his sisters laugh.  They, I am sure, will remember him talking.    ; )


She made her counts, ANC 930, Platelets 203—last week they were 21, Hgb 8.1.   At some hospitals the numbers she received last week would have resulted in a platelet transfusion. Our hospital has LOWERED the lowest number for transfusions. NOW, she must have platelets at 10 and Hgb at 6 or 7, I can’t remember. Sometimes, if the docs think that she might be recovering based on stage of treatment, the timing for the next dose of chemo and the monocyte levels they won’t transfuse even at a lower number like 21.


170 mg of IV methotrexate and 90 mg of Vincristine.

During Augmented Interim Maintenance the dosage of Methotrexate increases each time by 50mg/m². The week before last she received 206, and because she didn’t make counts last week the protocol requires them to drop back to the last tolerated dose.


Yes, it is time.  We are only 71 days from long term maintenance.  The price we have to pay to get there is of course another Delayed Intensification, replete with Decadron,Doxorubicin-the Red Devil  Cytoxan and Ara-C . This time, when Isa’s blood counts get low we will certainly pre-treat with Benadryl and Tylenol. My guess is that this will keep us out of the hospital. BUT until then, we’ll be prepared for anything.

So looks like it will just be me and ChickiePoo for the rest of the flu season.

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    November 11, 2009 8:23 pm

    I just love the imagery in that first paragraph! This perfectly describes us most mornings as Micah sneaks into bed by me, head right up under my chin. love it, love it. excellent writing!!!!!!

  2. October 25, 2009 10:08 am

    Much love to you and your little one! Have a good week.

  3. happyinside permalink
    October 23, 2009 9:27 pm

    I am honoured that you have taken the time to not only read my blog but leave a comment given the current state of your own life.Your generosity of time and spirit is inspiring.
    Keep being,
    LA xo

    • October 23, 2009 10:40 pm

      I love blogs and reading blogs. I also like to comment! Thanks for the visit. Hope you visit again soon.

  4. Ann permalink
    October 19, 2009 10:29 pm

    I love the picture of your snuggly morning. So glad today went well for everyone. You should all hibernate during the flu season, and of course, during DI. It is rare to know one family now who doesn’t have at least one sick member. Let me know what you need; “I got your back” and I use hand sanitizer, a lot. xoxoxoxo

    • October 21, 2009 2:15 pm

      As always, what would life be like without you. Meeting you has changed my life. Hugs hugs hugs.

  5. October 19, 2009 9:55 pm

    I’m wondering when our clinic will implement that policy- already closed the playrooms.

    To answer your questions, we have not tried pushing potassium, but I am also interested in whether it works. It’s hard to do with food when Mollie is on steroids because she gets taste sensitivity and will ONLY EAT CERTAIN THINGS (I’m sure you know what I mean). Her hemoglobin is about 11 right now -it has stayed between 10 and 12 since she started LTM. I agree though that 8 is a major cut-off point- we noticed major behavior changes when the red cell count dropped.

    Good luck this week!

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