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Counts Too Low

October 13, 2009

No chemo given to Isa yesterday because her platelets were too low. This comes as no surprise. The great thing about platelets being low, is that you can tell because the kids will bruise or get petechiae. Isa had both.  Her ANC was around 800, but her platelets were down around 20K.

We’ll go next Monday and see what happens. This was supposed to be her last dose, so, we’ll see what the dox say.

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  1. October 14, 2009 9:51 pm

    Hi! Thanks for reaching out to us on Elke’s CB page.

    Your comment re it possibly being the IT MTX and the LP is definitely making me think. I told our oncs about Elke being like a feral animal for the entire month afterwards — even off steroids, and they had no idea why that might have been. And then were flummoxed by why the next steroid pulse calmed her down. But they are messing with these kids’ brains after all….

    Hope all is well with Isa, and that her platelets rise soon! Surprised they didn’t transfuse at 20K ( waiting to see if go up?).

    I’ll be checking in on you all.

    Ann (Elke’s mom)

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