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Chemo Back on Track

September 11, 2009

Isa’s counts recovered nicely, and once again, we can resume our grocery shopping!  Thank goodness.

She was around a 850 ANC, which is still low. She tolerated the chemo well enough that we could venture to the Mug-N-Bun for lunch. We have trouble passing up greasy fries, burgers and rootbeer in a frosty mug. My guess is that it is teh

Because the methotrexate is rather high on this leg of the protocol, Augmented Interim Maintenance, she could vary from the every 10 day schedule.  We hope that she sticks with it as close as possible.

We have had continued tantrums and screaming. I wonder how much of this is personality, chemo and side effects. Isa is still learning her numbers and able to color in the lines when she applies herself. She has a tendency to not really care about stuff. Like it is all readily understandable, yet she just hasn’t the time to be bothered with it.  The happy-go-lucky toddler is now gone for sure. But, both daughters have interesting personalities. Being a parent is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But at almost 4 and 5, the hilarity really never ends. My daughters make me laugh so much. I love being around them. Even as I scream, “Get them away from me,” what I really mean is, “Where is the Nanny I need a 40 minute time-out.”

We keep trucking along on this Cancer train. I feel positively surreal, considering it is September 11, just a few days shy of  nine months after diagnosis. We take each day and week as it comes.

Also today please send some positive vibes to Tyler. His father describes it this way…

It is an odd and unreasonable burden to be frightened to say goodnight.  It is an unimaginable thing to be compelled to count every breath; to be so filled with fear at the elongated pauses between each one, to swim in anxiety after each exhale, desperate for each new breath like it is our own.  For after all, it is. Caringbridge

Tyler wanted to get people to donate blood and to get at least 500 new bone marrow registry members. He mangaged to set the record for the most people registering at one single event that, but consider signing up in his honor. I urge you to do it before we are doing it in his memory.  Let’s let him see what he has accomplished.  He has been receiving packed red blood cells and platelets, keep on donating. The cancer kids really can use them up.

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