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Almost Gone

August 24, 2009

Delayed Intensification is just a memory now, as we inch toward Augmented Interim Maintenance.

What's with the hat Isa?

What's with the hat Isa?

Tonight we went for a short walk through the neighborhood. Isa of course, wore her mask. We found some locust casings. The girls impressed me by holding them. I was afraid of them until my teens. The Chinese use them to treat colds!

As I brushed her teeth I noticed that her gums were bleeding slightly. A new bruise is also on her knee. These signs are leading me to believe that we will not be starting on Thursday. Even if her ANC reaches 750 the platelets could be too low.

But besides these bleeding signs, she has good energy and seems upbeat enough to throw a good fit. For some reason, now that she feels better she has really been tossing around some attitude. Of course, her sister helps that along sometimes. So we’re still working on getting back to normal. Being sick, or i should say, when she is feeling puny, she gets a lot of leeway with all that we do, but now, it is hard to let her get by with stuff when G. is still toeing the line. Leukemia is gone, but the treatment is rather harsh.

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