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5 more to go

August 22, 2009

The attitudes here need some serious adjusting. I know I am woman enough for the job. When Isa is sick everyone seems to get away with everything, but now that she is on the mend, it ain’t gonna fly.

We are headed back to the good ole days with a 30 minute time-out today. No people, I don’t purposefully put her in time-out for 30 minutes. I follow the supernanny time-out technique. It works if you work it, but sometimes that means putting on your ear muffs patience and diving into a big ole mess!

And I do mean mess. Both of my girls have tested my commitment to time-out with urine. Yes, good old-fashioned pee. All the things I’ve read on time-outs have included a short section on “What to do if they say they have to pee.”  Even Dr. Phil brought this up way back, when he was only on Oprah. You do nothing. Time-out is time-out is time-out. I have to say, when I still had an abundance of diapers on hand, we used cloth, it wasn’t such a freak show. Now I run to get the rag bag in the basement. BUT, the girls know that I take time-out very seriously and that no amount of mess is gonna get them out of it. Luckily, Isa realized this and quieted down for her requisite three minutes. Without them, she would have continued to sit and sit and sit.

I’ve had lots of time-outs like this. With Gg once, I think I worked on it for at least 45 minutes if not longer. BUT, now, Gg rarely has to spend her time sitting. Today, I sent her to time-out and she went, sat for five minutes and then got up. Easy peasy.  Isa is just pushing her limits again. I can’t blame it on the dexamethasone, I suppose I could still blame it on Leukemia.

From my reading, I’ve gleaned that cancer kids get away with a lot and their sibs resent it.  The siblings of cancer kids have written in numerous spots that they would have liked things to be a lot more fair. Now, you and I both know that the world isn’t fair. YET,  The siblings have a valid point. The sick kids, even though they are going through a lot and deserve a lot of leeway, get away with some outlandish things.  Isa has taken to screaming ‘I hate you,’ or ‘I hate Gg,’ and then stomping away to whatever room the hated person is not in.

Today, was the final straw. With Interim Maintenance coming up, she will be feeling better and there is no time like the present to remind her that we have to work together to make this family work and keep it running smoothly.

After the beeper on the timer goes off, each child gets reminded what they were put in time-out for  (sometimes this is hard to remember) and in our family we make “peace” by shaking hands like Howie Mandel.

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