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9 Days Left of Delayed Intensifcation # 1

August 18, 2009

In previous posts, I have mentioned how our family goes grocery shopping for fun. One of the few places that we go. And today, I stayed home with Isa. She can’t go anywhere, her counts are too low. Even with gloves and the mask,we’d rather not expose her to anything she hasn’t yet met. With the amount of traffic at a grocery it puts her at too much risk. Her ANC will start to climb now that she has only one more chemo for DI . Vincristine on Thursday. Then we wait for her counts to return to 750 so we can start Interim Maintenance # 2.  Luckily I have an online friend whose daughter is just a few months ahead of Isa in treatement. So I check her blog out. Alyson’s Journey.

After her nap, she helped me organize some homeschooling things. Because she can’t go to pre-school we are going to be doing some activities at home. No sense in getting behind. We may even just keep doing it, if it works for us.

Then a nice family dinner, oddly, Isa is begging for salad, which, of course, she can’t have right now. Maybe this will continue.

I am counting down the days, obviously, until this section is over. And ultimately until treatment is over. BUT I try not to fool myself. I realize that she will always be a cancer kid, even if she makes it to adulthood. There will always be side-effects of this treatment to be aware of. One blog I read mentioned that the litle girl now needed much dentistry work.

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  1. February 13, 2011 5:57 am

    hi there![dirty mouth mama]…….i can relate your story……it’s good that your daughter is doing really great…..prayin my 3.y.o son will do the same thing….i also have a big problem because i can’t brush his teeth he’s autistic too..even the doctor can’t let him to open his mouth….i can’t sleep of thinking what i’m gonna do…

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