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Day, uh, what day is it?

August 5, 2009
Isa with mask and gloves. G. with water and tea.

Isa with mask and gloves. G. with water and tea.

So today we took some time out for a drive south to Grandpa’s. The girls get itchy to go places and so we went there.

Isa has pretty much lost all her hair, and her eyebrows. Also, I noticed that her skin feels odd. Like extra soft or sort of clammy. Maybe I am just looking for stuff about her now, but she feels different.

We’ve been waking her up, except for the last two nights, to give her the 6 TG. A drug I have not written about. But it must be given on an empty stomach. This is to prevent it interacting with any dairy products. Of course Isa just ate some Cheerios with milk. Oddly, she has still been hungry. She eats smaller amounts, but is still requesting food.

Thursday of course is our clinic day, so, tomorrow we will all be sans breakfast and heading to the hospital in the morning. Maybe I can beg for coffee. My husband likes it when I beg. NOT. I sort of whine, and beg. And why do I wonder why our daughters are acting so naughty. They’ve learned it from us.  Our family is a bunch of yelling, whiners who beg.

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