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Day 34-Same Protocol Different Day

August 4, 2009

Thanks to my eposo glorioso for letting me sleep my head off today. Even though I do not believe that you can catch up on sleep it was nice to have no responsibilities, and to listen to him playing with the girls. Then he even took me out for a rootbeer. A good day in my book.

The worst thing about today is that Isa is still awake at 11:25. Both Money & I tried to get her to sleep. Am I missing my window of opportunity? Perhaps she needs some benadryl….nah, but if this goes on… I may consider it.

Currently, she is not throwing plates, but she is playing with Papa’s Cloud Car from about 1980. And pretend reading one of my books. Why am I so tired and she has a bunch of energy?

It has been just under a month since I first wrote of Tyler, but a lot has changed for him. At this point, it isn’t that great. The doctors have used what they know to get his leukemia under control. But, as with cancer sometimes, it isn’t responding. His dad wrote, “quality, not quantity” in one of his posts recently.

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  1. Ann permalink
    August 4, 2009 11:35 pm

    You might be sleepy because you are overwhelmed. Let me help. Also, although I too have heard you cannot make up for lost sleep, I also have heard you can sleep ahead for future sleepless nights. Maybe you did that today somehow “knowing” that Isa would be up late. A dear friend told me you should say the following to yourself, often: “Damn you are sexy!” Have you tried it lately? xoxo

    • August 5, 2009 11:54 am

      Ha! She was in our bed again, and as we turned out the lights, I was like, ” ugh a kid in the bed again.” and Papa said, “one night with a kid in the bed is better than one night without the kid.” So, I am trying for gratitude. Ha. No have been way off track… nothing is working.

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