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Day 33, Delayed Intensification

August 3, 2009

After the long day at the hospital on Thursday, Isa’s hair has started falling out again.

Currently she is screaming about how she doesn’t want to go to bed. She is throwing plastic plates because she is so angry about this whole bedtime thing. Plus she woke her sister, who started screaming that the door was shut. It was shut because Isa slammed it.

Every parent loves bedtime right.

My thoughts are that this might be an emotional side-effect of the medicine? I have no idea. It just feels like crazy making and I am planning my escape to Argentina. Maybe that isn’t far enough away from bedtime. I guess I jinxed myself after talking with a friend about how everything was going so well. Figures.

How do you avoid jinxes?

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  1. Ann permalink
    August 3, 2009 11:24 pm

    Next time just whisper speak that things are going well. Say it VERY quietly and VERY near to the person to who you are saying it. This will help avoid the jinx, at least that’s what I do. You could also simultaneously knock on wood. I had a meeting at bedtime tonight, thank goodness.

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