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Day 31, Delayed Intensification

August 1, 2009
From our garden to the mantle

From our garden to the mantle

The morning started out at a yard sale buying a mini-marshall stack. Can it be called a stack if it is so tiny?  SEE this post.

But, today was a painting day. We paint rarely because, well, I am not sure why not. Maybe it bugs me to do it too much. The girls both have “Messy Bessy” shirts that they wear while painting. Simply an old t-shirt cut off at the bottom, with Messy Bessy written under the collar.

The way the girls go through the watercolors I always seem to be out. But after a recent excursion to Wally World, I spent a coupla bucks for two.  The table, chairs, the paper, the water cups and wiping rags were set up in the shade outside. Isa started out with hat, mask and gloves, and because we were in the shade she took off her hat, then because we were painting I asked her to take off her gloves. Only once did I have to remind her to keep her mask up.

Then for some extremely RANDOM reason, I got out the acrylic paints, the other paintbrushes and an egg carton. I poured quinacridone crimson, originally known as Alizarin Crimson, viridian green, violet,  some iridescent white, silver and gold all into the tiny cups where the eggs sit. The brushes then could be laid in the top of the carton. The girls did well with not mixing the brushes in the colors.  They made some very interesting splotchy paintings. As I sat and watched, I reminded myself it was more about the girls becoming familiar with the medium. So I let go of a little control. G. had trouble with Isa  painting well.  Isa has a nice hand, and makes beautiful paintings. G, on the other hand, has a much stronger drawing style. She is fantastic with charcoal.

“That is a bad idea,” said Money as he walked back from cutting  sunflowers.

As much as I hate to get these out, and as much as I had to remind myself about how this was their introduction to acrylic paints, and how old and stupid the paint was…this comment bugged me.

So I yelled at him.

That may not surprise some. BUT, because he got such a reaction from me. He kept saying it. And not once, never, did I find out what the hell he meant by it. But for like 10 minutes all he said to me was. “Bad idea” and ultimately he ended up smiling while saying it. Maybe he changed his mind or maybe he realized that he didn’t have to do any clean-up, I’ll never know.

Photos of some recent activities:

Making headbands.

Making headbands.

Behind the scenes at Flashes of Hope

Behind the scenes at Flashes of Hope

Not using the cards, but still interesting

Not using the cards, but still interesting

This is what chemo party hats look like.

This is what chemo party hats look like.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. August 3, 2009 11:20 am

    I’m not much of an arts and crafts person. I get impatient with the kids sometimes. Especially if they are flinging paint off of their brushes at eachother ::sigh::
    We do crayons and maybe markers. I have had too much graffiti from the markers lol.
    I cannot even stand the smell of funyuns anymore. lol

  2. August 2, 2009 2:52 pm

    Popping in from SITS….

    I doesn’t seam like a dumb idea to me. 🙂

    Hope you and yours had a beautiful weekend.

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