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Day 29, Delayed Intensification

July 30, 2009

For those you who followed us on Twitter, thank you. Also to those of you who tweeted, thanks for sharing what feels like normal life with us.

Oddly, even with all the chemo,  it was an uneventful day.

  • No screaming from Isa for accessing her port. We forgot the EMLA cream so had to use FREEZIE SPRAY.
  • Blood went away to the lab and miraculously came back quickly  (If you want THE DATA then email me and I will send it.)
  • NO BLOOD TRANSFUSION!!  Counts were up. Red cells, hemoglobin, and platelets were all good.
  • Her absolute neutrophil counts were HIGH enough to get chemo, 1400.


  • She got hooked up to a big bag of fluid, necessary for Cytoxan
  • She had to pee in the cup to measure levels of something. I have no idea what. I guess to check for damage to her organs.
  • She had Zofran to curb the nausea
  • She had a LUMBAR PUNCTURE with the usual Versed and Morphine.
  • She had 580 mg of  Cytoxan
  • She had 210 mg of Mesna to prevent damage to the urinary bladder from the Cytoxan
  • She something else in there that I do not remember and have no idea what for.
  • Then we continued on the huge bag of fluid.
  • Three hours later…….Imagine the wavy time lines like on old television shows.
  • Another 210 mg of Mesna
  • Then a bunch of Ara-C I have no idea how much. Didn’t look at it Papa did. Probably the same amount she will be getting for the next three days at home. For any of you that missed how much fun DOING CHEMO AT HOME  click here.
  • Then we left.  Isa wanted a bandaid but she couldn’t get one  because she is still accessed.
  • Remember all NINE of these medicines went into a tiny 13.6 kg girl! Of course dose is adjusted for size, but still!

Some how the time went quickly, the girls watched Charlotte’s Web the old version, which will NEVER cease to remind me of Brattleboro, Vermont. And some crazy “real” Charlotte’s Web. Papa discussed the circle of life with G. Lo, and behold, it was Charlotte who actually mentioned these words in the film. (Artsy fartsy people do not say movie, they say, film.)

Papa & I read our fabulous books. You will be hearing more about them L8r.  Sometimes because we just sit and sit on these days, he and I get to really talk about what we are reading. It was such a fantastic day in an odd sort of way. I love when he & I get along and the girls ar behaving in a calm fashion. Does it count that one was high on morphine?  The worst part of the day are the movies which are such a load of programming it is indecent to let children watch them—especially when they are high on morphine.

An angel came to our house and cleaned while we were gone!  Some of you know that experience of walking in and having everything clean and fresh smelling. I highly recommend it if you do not.  TTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTTYYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTY.  That is thank you written a bunch of times. And still that isn’t enough. (BTW anyone else with an inclination to get dirty….hmmm. nevermind.)

Isa & G went to sleep early, after a dinner of pizza, which is our hospital day ritual. The girls love the hospital they get to eat McDonald’s watch movies, eat pudding and then come home to pizza. It is like a party. AND, of course a new toy on procedure days.

Oh did I mention that no one got to eat until 11:00 because of the lumbar puncture. But, everyone did well! Very little complaining!

And all of this only took us 8 hours and 25 minutes from start to finish.

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  1. July 31, 2009 12:10 am

    You are going through a lot. What can I say, but wish you and your family the strength to bear your burden and please do remember that cancer patients sometimes do get better. I lost my dad to cancer. But my mother survived.

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