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Mold, Day 26, DI

July 27, 2009

Yesterday, G. celebrated her 5th birthday.

The days are long and the years are short. The two girls interact so sweetly to each other at times, it amazes me. Other times of course, they aren’t so sweet.

Isa has developed a runny nose and a very slight cough. Her tantrums and eating habits still seem the same. She takes her medicine and has completed her sticker chart. We will be getting ballet shoes tomorrow.

But the worst thing, I found mold in the basement. It has sort of been there, but I’ve been ignoring it. Today I found it on some of my stuff. So I know for sure that it appeared out of thin air. Now, a lot of people have no issues with mold. I am not one of those people. Mold is not my friend. I do not like bleu cheese. I do not like penicillin. Okay, maybe I like penicillin, but still I hate mold.

And mold does literally appear out of thin air, because it grows from a spore that can float.

Mold in the air can be breathed into the lungs.

Add to the fact that little cancer kids are EXTREMELY susceptible to mold means I hate it even more than I did. The thing I have said to Money (hubs) is this, “If she f****** dies because of some g-d  mf****** mold  I am gonna be pissed.”  or something like that. (Do you think I just made up the name dirty.mouth.mama from thin air?  oh, no no no….)

So MOLD is a big deal. The worst one, supposedly, for the immuno-compromised is something called aspergillus because it is EVERYWHERE. In books, in the ground, in buildings. And even small amounts of  the toxic molds can be managed by healthy people, even though they may present with symptoms. These things grow in the moist lining of the lung, until it will show up on an x-ray. By then the thing is huge. I am guessing that Jesse probably had something like this.

One family I’ve met online have had a construction site near their home as their daughter goes through treatments. Of course, these sites, do, uh, what….. yes, you guessed it,  release the mold into the air. All the digging and tearing down breaks the spores off and they just float away to start growing somewhere else.

Perhaps some could call me neurotic, but I worry about things. Now, I have a huge list. Obviously cancer relapse hangs over my head, permanent damage from the poisonous drugs, death from some stupid mold, paying the rent, utilities, food, and the like, not to mention trying to do something to “take care of ourselves” like all the cancer paperwork and well wishers say. Let’s see, I know I could add a few more on there, but let’s not get into all of them, you get the idea.

The mold prompted me to look at the Del-Tech Homes again. A friend of ours lives in one of these and they do not ROCK (get it they are hurricane proof ) Seriously tho, they are ROUND and they can be GREEN BUILDS  and they can be any size.  So in my  Creative Visualizations world, I would begin construction on new green Del tec round house that is perfectly safe for my cancer kid to live in, even if i had to start out with a TINY one.

I also looked at Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  Why I do these things? I dunno. But of course we don’t own any land or a house to remodel. Not to mention that they get 1000’s of applications a week.

So, I am going to bed in my mold ridden house to the sound of the expensive electricity eating air conditioner running for the first time since, uh,like  forever.

Some like it hot, and some just don’t want to pay for it to be cool, but some hate mold more.

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  1. Kate permalink
    July 28, 2009 7:53 pm

    Girlllll….I’m going to whoop your ass for not inviting K to G’s birthday party. I mean, we’ve met each other like one time?? I mean….haha please tell her Happy Bday from K and me. Still sending prayers and open offers for whatever help I can give you. Financially…not so much…but I will help clean your moldy icky basement ! Holler if you need anything. I want to see Isa in her “glubs”. 🙂

    • July 29, 2009 1:05 pm

      We didn’t have a party for her!! Saturday we went to another party. We went to Build a bear. WEIRD PLACE. We had cake and ice cream at home. No party. Thanks for thinking of us.

  2. July 28, 2009 1:22 pm

    Kayla just finished her steroids too. But she is still aggressive and hungry. Still wants funions and cheeseburgers. It’s killing me. tomorrow we have a long chemo day too. Hope yours goes well!

    • July 29, 2009 11:25 am

      Supposedly, I have no idea where I read this, potassium helps with the steroid side effects. So apricots and bananas? Send me a direct message through twitter we can commiserate during long chemo days.

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