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Day 24, DI

July 25, 2009
They had a great time!

They had a great time!

A day with not much happening, except a KICK ASS birthday party.

The girls got to play and be kids, albeit, Isa was wearing a hat, a mask and “glubs”. For the most part there were no problems, but I could see where the stressors lie. One very affectionate little boy decided he wanted to give Isa lots of hugs.  Maybe he sensed that she wasn’t well. But all crises averted. We made it through fine! (Except realizing once we were there that G. had on no underwear. OOPS)

Little kids can truly enjoy life. Me thinks this is because they are fully in the moment. Not thinking about where the water comes from, or what happens if they take off their shoes, or thinking like a mama, I should get them home and put them to bed, but they are having so much fun….

They wore their party hats home, and plan on wearing them tomorrow. This of course is fine, because tomorrow is G.’s birthday. The first one of hers that Brudder has missed. (He’s never been to one of Isa’s.)

I got some great ideas for presents, but miraculously have no time to shop. Thus resulting in NO presents.

So, no presents, no underwear, keeping them up too late, I am officially TheirBadMother. Sorry Catherine.

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  1. Deadra AKA Demie permalink
    July 26, 2009 10:36 am

    Pheeb, I took Mia to daycare last week WITHOUT SHOES. Barefoot.

  2. ALT permalink
    July 25, 2009 11:37 pm

    Your girls were so awesome today! How wonderful it was to just watch them be what they are, kids who love to play. Happy birthday G!

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