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Pasta anyone? Day 2?, DI

July 23, 2009

I can’t remember what day of DI it is, but I do know that Isa wants pasta. She had it for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

Today she experienced some hip pain, and of course hunger.  Yesterday her temperature, to the touch, seemed to be warmer than she was today. She perked up a bit in the afternoon, even helping me with dinner.

“I’m tasting it Mama,” she said.

“Yes dear, but if you taste it a lot then it is called eating,” said Papa.

G. has  a birthday coming up and  has been counting down the days.  Not sure about what to do for her party. Guess, I need to be buying a present. Both Grandmas have already filled the princess quota for this birthday. (Thanks to both of you for the lovely gifts.)

EEK any ideas for a 5 year old girl that DO NOT INCLUDE any princesses?  Talk about an unattainable goal. Was our generation warped by Princess Di’s wedding?  Therefore we went out to the workforce and created princess paraphernalia?

But seriously what else is out there that is SUPER COOL?

Also, last year people bought presents for Isa too. The girls are 15.5 months apart, and I thought it was sort of bogus to buy presents for both, but then I am only child and never had to deal with this concept.

Should I buy presents for both?  ( Remember Isa has been getting a lot of stuff because of cancer.)

Also would like to wish Mei Mei Loca a fabulous wedding and  make sure there are NO GOATS HEADS in your barefoot path.  Seriously though, go out there and check it out, barefoot.  That would so suck…. “Yes, I , ouch, uh, do.”

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  1. Jennifer Kelley permalink
    July 24, 2009 8:45 pm

    My mom always had a “Don’t Cry” present for the non-birthday sibling. Something small. I think, when we were younger, we received it earlier in the day and could turn to it when the festive focus on the other got to be too much. As we got older it was mixed in with the Birthday presents… J

  2. July 24, 2009 7:22 pm

    My daughter (9) loved lots of crafting stuff when she was five. She learned how to do the pot holder loom that year. Klutz has a really nice version of this, with lots of fun patterns to follow. Klutz also has a Chicken Sox line that is geared to younger children, and they are really nice. You can find these in Barnes and Noble, etc. United Art and Education on 82nd street has really nice games, toys and art supplies as well as school stuff. I’ll bet 1/2 an hour in that store would get you everything and then some.

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