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Pain, Day 21, DI

July 22, 2009

This morning, the girls played so quietly and nicely. Ahhhhh……

Then around 11:00 about 2o minutes after I gave Isa her medicine she started screaming that her hips hurt.

This pain, I believe is compounded by Papa being out of the house today, and Brudder leaving yesterday. The mind, body connection is that strong—not to mention the dexamethasone and vincristine. Both could cause hip pain as a side effect. Some people do NOT get this side effect but, Isa does.

Looking back to January she experienced this same sort of pain in her hips toward the end of Induction. My guess at that time was the medicine. Today, I called the phone nurse, left a message with Isa’s status, and said that  if Isa had no fever that I would give her acetaminophen, which I did. The pain continues and seems to be worse when she argues with her sister. Or realizes that Brudder is gone.

That is why I say, the mind body connection is so strong. Emotionally, we can create and heal disease. Will Isa take a turn for the worse, because her brother has left her life for the next 46 weeks. I hope not, but she could. We will find other things to replace the loss that everyone feels by his absence.

Isa’s hunger is still strong. I bought what felt like a lot of eggs, 18, two days ago and they are already gone. I had to make pasta for lunch and leave the extra in the fridge so she can get to it.

G. fell asleep after a hefty tantrum, and Isa put herself to bed after a snack. OOPS, just realized that I forgot the medicine for tonight. Guess I will have to wake her up.

What would you do? Wake her or let her sleep?  And yes, you can leave anonymous comments.

*update* before I went to bed, Isa woke up hungry. So I gave her the medications, and some pasta.

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  1. July 23, 2009 4:07 pm

    i left you a comment undr random comments too. strippers have better outfits totally! including and mostly because of the shoes… when i get sad i tend to be way more creative…. draw and paint and write. i always wish i wrote more and and made more art in general… but it seems to take a big sad bout to let it out. why? besos y abrazotes jie jie.

    • July 23, 2009 9:06 pm

      Mei Mei… this is the one of your comments that will be approved. *wink* Hope you have a fabulous day, and a great trip, and remember freaking out is normal. hugs hugs hugs. Find someone to save the wine corks and send them to me. Make Peggy find someone! Wish I was there.

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