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The Cranks, Day 20, DI

July 21, 2009

Maybe this title sounds a little too much like a drug, or some early ’80s punk rock band, but it best describes what my daughter has. Truly she is much better than during Induction. She screams without much provocation, but it doesn’t really bother me too much. She isn’t freaking out and throwing herself on the floor  like she has in the past.

But today, she had reason to feel yucky, cuz we took Brudder to the airport.  We do not know when we will see him again. The cost of flying him here to there and everywhere is a bit too much for our budget right now. Tears were flowing, and The Cranks were defiintely a part of our family today.

Both girls went to sleep easily, *woot*, and since then, tonight I have been considering joining the Sisters on the Fly’s Cowgirl Caravan. So once this cancer treatment is done, you can color me gone!  Just think, if I get a trailer small enough, then the girls will have to travel with Papa.

You see, I’ve got big plans for my post-cancer treatments life.

Would you consider getting a tiny trailer and traveling around the country?

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