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Days 10 & 11,

July 12, 2009

Is there another shoe above my head?

So why do I feel so anxious. I suppose because this is only day 11 out 57.

These past two days I’ve been waiting for it to drop. Her counts were still up on Thursday, so we’ve not gone super crazy with all the cleaning and super handwashing. So I suppose we could have even had healthy visitors. Maybe we could work on some housecleaning donations? huh?

Isa is still eating, and drinking and cooking with papa on a regular basis, she’s even got a keen interest in washing dishes. If you notice a sidebar asking for donations for Corelle, then you’ll know why.

G. has been spending a lot of time with Brudder outside. Our  970 square feet is closing in with five people wondering around. Isa hasn’t wanted to go outside much, which works for me, because her skin is sensitive to sunlight due to the medications.

Friday found us taking family portraits at Flashes of Hope again. In six weeks or eight, whenever I get them, we can post a few.

Tonight Isa is up a bit later than expected, she doesn’t want to go to bed. A lot of that is three-year-old, some of that is Dex, a little of it may be the chocolate syrup that we dowse her medicine in. She is coloring at the table as I write.

Right now, I just love being with her. Papa and I agree that we’ve raised kids that we like to be around. Remind me I said this when I am at the end of my rope.

Thanks to all who have donated recently. We’d love to take some time to take care of ourselves. This process is more stressful than we make it look!

Consider donating platelets or blood this week. Just imagine that it is going directly to Isa. If you feel like giving someone a HUGE gift sign up to be a bone marrow donor. Right now I know of three folks who could use some.

Thanks for your continued prayers, keep it up, It is working.

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