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Day 6, Delayed Intensification, ‘Roid Rage

July 7, 2009
Dexamethasone induced weight gain.

Dexamethasone induced weight gain.

Waking before dawn used to be a rare treat—to start a journey, or to breathe in fresh air while camping, but today it was none of those things. In my dreams I thought that I had a tiny person speaking softly  and patting my face. “Mama, I want Cheerios, Mama.”  It was no dream.

The bonus, her sister was also up. I noticed that I left the light on in the basement, after turning it off and heading back to bed. (Forgetting about what steroids can do, I have no idea why I just didn’t get the food.) In my sleep induced haze I nearly tripped over the two tiny ones in the hallway. Lots of yelling ensued. Why do sleepy parents yell at children who aren’t sleeping?  Why,  to calm them down to get back to sleep, of course!

I needed some air. So I stepped outside. Through the window from the backyard, I could see the previously yelling Papa ( it makes it even more sense when two parents yell) getting Cheerios for both girls. Even at 4:30 in the morning, after only three hours of sleep and being awakened to lots of craziness induced by a cytotoxic chemical killing my daughter’s cells, I think my husband is sexy. Maybe it was the window peeking? But I was still too angry about being awake to do anything about it. After eating everyone went back to bed.

The second wake up call came, and went, I stayed in bed while Money (Hubs) got the second breakfast started. But I am not sure it ever got finished. We had a 10:00 appointment at the Cancer Factory for Isa’s PEG-asparaginase shots. *WOOT*

Dora doesn't cover the screaming.

Dora doesn't cover the screaming.

I wish I could use the wavy lines like they used to do on Television, you know, the wavy dream lines. This whole post could use those wavy lines. It was all so surreal.

At some point after the sun came up, I heard Isa say with a sweet voice, “Look in the bag Papa.”  He rarely follows orders and tried to get out of this one when Isa followed with, “Look in the bag Papa.” Only this time she said it like Mama does when she really means it. Through clenched teeth in a low, deep growl. He didn’t hesitate. Smiling, he looked in the bag with no further delay.

So somehow, we got dressed and made it to the hospital just in time to WAIT. Like all corporations, hospitals celebrate holidays. So after a day off, the place gets packed!  On hospital days I TWEET, tweet, tweet. Just to keep those who REAALLY wanna know informed. From the waiting room Money started talking about coffee. “But I had my last coffee yesterday,” I whined.  (I hate to admit it, but I whine a lot.)

Isa…. come on down. (I wish the nurse who calls us would say that just once. Who hasn’t had a Price is Right Fantasy?)

¡Ay! Caramba. Mija gained one kilogram. So that is like 2.2 pounds, since Thursday!  She now weighs 13.7 kg (30.4 #) Rock on girlfriend. Check out her belly in the photo above.

So, in my tweet I stated that we were discussing coffee, but that we’d have to borrow from the kids. So, currently we’re in the hole to Brudder for $2.25. Notice the donate button above. Things here are getting real TIGHT.

PEG shots are probably my least favorite. And no doubt Isa’s too, considering she does them SANS anesthesia. She gets a little numbing cream and that is is. She ROCKED IT  today. She WANTS those ballet shoes!.  Truly, I tried to miss it. I went to get coffee and even took the stairs back up.  My tweet stated, “Shot is over. I cried. Not a lot but a little. I tried to be out of the room. But made it back just in time.”

The rest of the day included a trip to the Health Food Store, hey, we like groceries, where Isa displayed a little more of her agitation. And we fed the ducks. And we went to the park to enjoy our snacks and the last of Isa’s energy. We remember what Consolidation looked like, Chemo sucks, so she had a chance to run around a little bit. (With her mask and a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer of course.)

It was late when we got home, seems like Isa had some, uh, Cheerios with milk. We read Charlotte’s Web, Chapter Six. And went to bed. Well, I put the girls to bed and fell asleep between them. Money said he tried to wake me but I didn’t budge. Glad I don’t have a photo of that one.

(not sorrry about parenthetically speaking tonight)

(I am up until 1-3 am every night because when else am I gonna write?)

(And yes, I am switching to metric.)

(And someone who is twitter minded could help me get a picture of twitter up there.)

(This post reminds me of Mei Mei Loca. Hope all goes well with your wedding darling. I always knew you were Fancy!)

5 Comments leave one →
  1. meimeiloca permalink
    July 10, 2009 1:52 pm

    i am so fancy. wish you could be here. isa’s waking you up to eat! hen hao! besos y vibras fuertes y positivas!

  2. July 9, 2009 5:48 pm

    Sarah’s got it pegged. (Pardon the horrid pun. Shall I erase?) You gotta keep those Cheerios low enough that she can just grab them. Maybe a TV tray by the bed?

    • cheflucien permalink
      July 9, 2009 6:37 pm

      As with all things, it appears that she has moved on to tortillas, which she can reach easily! And no milk spilling!

  3. July 8, 2009 12:40 pm

    I kind of feel like the whole first 6 months of treatment were some kind of dream. No, dreams are good. That was more like a foggy haze. The details are fuzzy. I don’t know how we got through it. Mollie demanded sandwiches from Panera, 24/7 during DI. That’s still her steroid favorite. And rice krispies.

    Hang in there! One of our survival techniques was to have finger foods stored in easy-to reach locations so when we got that pat-my-face-in-the-middle-of-the-night, I could just say, “grab a Hawaiian roll and slice of cheese out of the fridge.”

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