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Day 2, DI, Roc Visit

July 3, 2009

Keep your hands on your mouses, ready to click, because tomorrow we will have a GUEST blogger—our son who spends six weeks with us during the summer.

Isa’s 11 year old brother has worked all day on a post describing his feelings about “The Hospital.”  Perhaps I overstate it a bit when I say, “All day” because he spent a good portion of the day being chased by two little girls. Or being sat on by two little girls. Or watching two little girls ride bikes.  Or, even playing with Play-doh with two little girls.  Is it still okay to play with play-doh when you’re 11?  Did I just wreck his chances of being cool in junior high?  It seems like I left out that he entertains the girls in the morning while Papa and Mama pretend to be getting out of bed. Luckily for him he sleeps in the top bunk otherwise he is the unwitting victim of stuffed animals flying into his face to wake him up.

Usually I am a relatively superstitious person, and since cancer treatments began I’ve been knocking on a lot of wood. But, so far so good with DI *knock, knock, knock*. The steroid dexamethasone is kicking in somewhat. Isa’s appetite increased today.  She has yet to display the evil temper associated with steroids. But, I have little doubt that we will see it.

Brudder, as he is lovingly called, will be gone before we start the second phase of DI  around Day 29. The three days that we have to administer the Ara-C® at home. He’ll also likely miss the major drop in her counts where she’ll need transfusions. The past four weeks have found Isa feeling rather good. She’s been able to play outside and we even went out to eat, (gasp.) Not only did we enjoy an insane amount of fries at a local burger joint, we even ate, GRAPES!  Yes, her counts were that good.

The short-lived freedom has been replaced by masks and gloves. We know  that her infection fighter cells are disappearing. What we don’t know is when. To get her acclimated to the mask and gloves again, we’ve just started using them now.

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  1. July 9, 2009 5:38 pm

    Grapes! You mean those things that hide mold in their evil clutches? I’m not telling Alyson. She’ll go all steroid-y on me. (Not that she’s on them right now.)

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