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What’s up with Isa

May 24, 2009

She has had a runny nose, which I hate to see. Who knows where this stuff comes from. Is it us, the neighbor kids that she plays with, the trip to the school we just looked at, the hospital, … you have no idea.  We MUST be diligent with the hand-washing. Her anc was up, but now we don’t know what it is, until next Thursday. 

She has been eating okay, but not great. I gave her some marshmallows last night. She could use a few extra calories, even though I would rather she get her calories from non-sugar sources. Her weight is maintaining at around 12. 5 kg. (multiply by 2.2 for pounds) Yesterday she whined about her eggs, and she wanted to eat Papa’s eggs. The interesting thing is that Papa’s eggs were slathered in White Truffle Oil. The verbal description does not do this oil justice. For those that love it, they feel grateful for those of us that shun it, leaving more for them. I liken the smell to old socks. Or some other such nastiness. That being said, I accidentally had a tiny taste one time, and thought that maybe I could consider trying it at some later time. BUT, I haven’t. It stinks. But amazingly, Isabella has begun eating it.  Papa actually drizzled it over her eggs this morning.  Hmmmm…. 


She is now helping Papa make some hummus, while G. is yelling about dropping a slice of watermelon on the porch. Just a typical day with a 3 and 4 year old. Quite frankly, I need a vacation from Cancer. 

Luckily the Make-A-Wish volunteers came this week. The volunteer brought a couple of toys, a ballet dress for Isa, and a baby doll bath set for G. They have a lot of paperwork that we filled out and Isa told them that her wish was to visit her friends in France. The foundation is limiting certain wishes due a lack of funding.  The Foundation is always accepting donated frequent flyer miles, and of course cash donations. 

Thanks for all your prayers, and to those of you working on Fantastic Fundraising ideas.

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