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Soleil Moon Frye

May 14, 2009

Wish my stats could go as high as the day when Soleil Moon Frye retweeted one of my tweets. She has a company based out of LA that sells products for green consumers called The Little Seed

I like the exposure, but yet feel too exposed. I like that other people could be gaining some benefit from what I am writing. Maybe a parent could see what we are going through and find some solace. It seems that our family likes the photos, but they are just tiny slices out of our days. 

Isa is still throwing tantrums regularly. I get irritated by the sound which then irritates me about the chemo, and that irriates me about leukemia. Sort of like If You Give a Pig a Pancake.

I have been thinking about staying at the house with Isa, who screams whenever anyone leaves without her. As her numbers drop we need to consider staying home more frequently. Currently she will go to the grocery with us. This week we visited family which could also be a risk as her numbers drop.

Tonight we met a neighbor who donates platelets regularly. If you want to do something to help a cancer child (or grown-up) in your community consider donating platelets. But be forewarned, if you do it once they will call you again because the blood banks run out of platelets all the time.
Thanks again to Soleil for being kind enough to reply. You can follow us both on twitter. and of course

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  1. May 17, 2009 8:10 pm

    Mostly good stuff outta these blogs…

    Its a great emotional vent. Like ya said it can help people, and that is one of my favorite aspects. Good support system too. Blast everyone with the most current information about what is going on.

    Then there is some stuff you just dont wanna write or share. I really hate writing about the anxiety post treatment.

    • May 17, 2009 11:34 pm

      We haven’t even gotten to post-treatment yet and I am already anxious. As you can well understand with a repeat trip to oncology world, Leukemia can have a nasty little relapse. I just found a dad’s site where he talks about his daughter who crossed over about a year ago. His loss is palpable through his words. I cried for 20 minutes on that one, and on and off today. Also, I am becoming anxious about other people close to me getting cancer. I really just want it to go away. I’d like to go back to my life complaining about the inane daily junk rather than how chemo affects my daughters physical movements. Once again, thanks for stopping by.

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