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No Trips, No Visitors

April 23, 2009

Behind Schedule


Flashes of Hope

Flashes of Hope





Today’s bloodwork kept us from going onward with our protocol. 


I will update the schedule to include the new dates after next week’s appointment. Possibly we could be postponed two weeks. Her numbers were both good and bad. As evidenced by my lack of mention of a Blood Transfusion. Going in today we had a good idea that we’d get the blood chemistry back and go home. But you never know. Her platelets were greater than 75, but her ANC was too low, at 100, it needs to be 750.


WBC 1.1   normal is 5-17

RBC 3.60  normal is 4-5.2

Hgb 10.7     within normal range

Hct 29.7

MCV 83     within normal range

MCH 29.6      within normal range

MCHC 35.9      within normal range

RDW 16.2 

Platelet 111   normal is 150 to 450

MPV 7.8


Neutrophils 9%                                      .1    normal is 1.5 to 10.2     This is too low for her to have the procedure.

Lymphocytes 68%                                .7

Monocytes 22%                                     .2

Basophils 1%                                         0


Postponing these procedures isn’t that big of a deal. It would be a bigger deal if we had to postpone chemotherapy because she had an infection. This setback, of one week, is to be expected, to some degree. If she misses next week, then we might be concerned. The bonus to not receiving the treatments today, is that she did not receive any chemotherapy therefore, her body may recover from this and start producing the cells she needs.

Thus, no trips, no visitors. Isa isn’t going anywhere. And no one is coming over. Not like this is a big deal no one comes to see us. Then again, as I say this she is in the back yard playing with M. the neighbor.  She has her mask, hat and gloves on. I suppose we could just say, no playing with anyone. The threat of infection could be prevented with limited contact with other people, but then her mental state deteriorates. So, we compromise using the mask and gloves, as well as, thorough hand washing. Additionally, she gets a dose of an antibiotic each week to keep some bacteria at bay. ( I am still not sure why they do this? It seems that in the late 70’s several children died from a pneumonia that could have been prevented with this medicine?  I am just speculating here as to why. Mainly because it seems that the more bacteria you kill the more yeast and virus take the place of the bacteria. )

And a Shout Out goes to the Angel that bought us an Ozone Generator /Air purifier, which goes along with a HEPA filter but it actually KILLS  molds, bacteria, fungus, cleans the air of cigarette smoke, a whole lot.  This will help us rest easy for the rest of treatment. I just thought about Jesse, and I wonder if he would have survived if he’d had one of these. 

We are considering fundraisers dinners or bracelets or something to help defray the costs of the dust removal and such. Any ideas?



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  1. Deadra AKA Demie permalink
    April 24, 2009 2:40 pm

    I’m still planning my fundraiser garage sale – possibly last weekend in May. Hope to raise at least a little $$$ for you guys!

    April 24, 2009 7:37 am


    • April 24, 2009 3:59 pm

      I know. I love them, she is all chubby from the dexamethasone. These pictures were taken just after she finished them.

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