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April 20, 2009

Tonight I deleted the schedule for Intensified Consolidation. Yay.  That is a quiet yay with not much force. Finishing a segment of treatment is of course a boon, but sometimes, it is like marking time. I wish I could move directly to the end. Or as they say  in Monopoly, ah, what is it they say in Monopoly?  Collect 200?  

I am ready to collect the cash after skipping a bunch of pricey properties. 

This coming week is count dependent. This means that her blood levels need to be at a specific level. I assume that her kidney and liver function must also be at an appropriate level. Her ANC needs to be at 750, previously The Children’s Oncology Group set this level at 1000. Her platelets need to be at 75,000.  I wonder if she will make it. I doubt that she will, but nothing about this process could surprise me at this point. That being said, she is also scheduled for a bone marrow aspiration.

WHEEEE>>>>>>   gotta love me some bone marrow. These tests are tough on everyone

The communication at the hospital is so good. For example, I told the nurse that we were having a bone marrow “next week,” and she said, “oh yeah.. you are,” after looking in the chart. So, I ASSUME, and we all know how that can be scary, that this bone marrow will tell us about where Isa’s blast levels are. However, no one has told us ahead of time what to expect.

At the end of Induction they changed her to Standard-High Risk Arm from Standard-Average because her blast levels were .15%. But after looking at the chart, the flow cytometry showed that the blasts were .24% .  All of this is based on volume of cells and blood, I have no idea how to explain it because I don’t really understand. But I can tell you that I feel scared. 

So, I have no idea what will happen on Thursday or Why. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like if I truly had a brain deficit and could not understand the basics. 

  1. Isa’s hands are still shaking. 
  2. She is still sort of irritable. 
  3. She calls out during the night. 
  4. She has trouble walking and climbing stairs. 
  5. Her hair is falling out. 
  6. She still takes like two bites of something then is done. 
  7. She has dark circles under her eyes. 
  8. She wears her mask,and I made sure to pay attention, people do stare.  
  9. She hasn’t washed her hair since January and I don’t care. 
  10. She falls asleep on my lap. 
  11. She likes to make puppets thanks to Auntie R. 
  12. She loves her sister, brother and parents. 
  13. She is becoming a different kid.
  14. She is fearful.
  15. She still smiles & giggles.
  16. She still wants to ride on papa’s shoulders.
  17. She still says that her favorite thing is eating.
  18. She loves puzzles. Some things don’t change.
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  1. April 21, 2009 10:44 pm

    Sending positive thoughts in your direction.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    April 21, 2009 12:56 pm

    hang in there P! Micah doesn’t have cancer and he cries at about 2:00 am for the last two or three weeks and then sleeps again. last night he seemed especially bothered so I rocked him for a while. This too will pass! Love you my friend!!!

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