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April 17, 2009

Does anyone see a theme?  

Yesterday we discovered Isa’s ANC was 238, which keeps us home and when out with a mask. We also have added to the hat and mask, a pair of octopus gloves. (They only have five fingers, but with a picture of an octopus.) If the germs don’t reach her hands then she’s less likely to get them into her mouth or nose or eyes or where ever. At least that is the thinking. The hand washing rules here have gotten pretty strong too. Once we come in from outside we wash. Before and after eating we wash. Plus all the usual times too. A sneeze or cough gets a wash. 

We made a quick trip to the health food store then stopped to look at the ducks and geese.  They tried to feed the ducks grits. It wasn’t an appealing snack for them, in case you wondered. Papa had the girls help him scoop food from the bulk bins into bags, thus the grits. Oddly, I haven’t noticed anyone looking at us strangely or even asking questions. It is almost as if Isa’s mask, hat and gloves are invisible. Then again, maybe I am just used to people staring. Or maybe it was the smiley face and nose that Papa drew on the mask that alleviated the stares. 

The menu is so similar to yesterday that it won’t be repeated here. However, that being said, I found some TASTEE hummus in the fridge. Papa sprouts garbanzo beans instead of cooking them, which gives the hummus a “green” flavor. Delish!  If you ask for the recipe he’s likely to post it. 

For some reason the blood got Isa all wired. She didn’t take a nap and is having trouble falling asleep tonight. As I sit and type I can hear her singing a made-up song. Now she wants to talk to her brother. 

Is it possible that the blood contained caffeine?  

After a quick call to H., where she asked him to never leave again, she is in bed.  She chastised me forgetting the kissie, so I gave her extras.

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