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April 16, 2009

The unabashed creativity, with regards to my titles overwhelms me. But so it goes, Hobey Ho!

Saying hobey ho reminds me of my son! We read the Pendragon Series together last summer.  For those of you with kids who like Science fiction.. check them out. Wishing that he was here to go through this with us, but also a little glad that he is safe and doing other things that boys should be doing.  : )  

Today found me driving, driving, to my  satellite clinic and back home. So, the girls spent most of the day with Papa. It appears that they went out and about today. So that entails a blue surgical mask, and lots of the hand sanitizer. Every time she goes out in public, including the clinic, she wears it. BUT when she is neutropenic, especially with an ANC below 500 it is imperative. 

  • Mild neutropenia (1000 <= ANC < 1500) — minimal risk of infection
  • Moderate neutropenia (500 <= ANC < 1000) — moderate risk of infection
  • Severe neutropenia (ANC < 500) — severe risk of infection.

They went to the grocery store… *woot* and that one nameless big-box store where you can buy a variety of things.  Papa says that they also went to Hooters. I believe he wants to encourage them to accept their roles in life early, rather than to be beaten into it at 40 like some of us. Either that or he likes the color orange.

Relaying second hand information is not nearly as much fun as doing all the things myself.  

The refrigerator contains a bowl of pineapple, kiwi, banana, and clementine oranges. Flagrant breaking of the neutropenic  rules as Papa had the girls help him pick out and make the fruit salad. (Fruit has bacteria). He believes, and has proven, that children will eat what they make. I am told that G. loves the buckwheat sprouts Papa grew.

When I arrived home they were ready for bed, but then too wound up to sleep because I was home. They were running around all crazy like.

Papa noticed that while Isa was eating the burrito she was shaking. We’ll discuss this side effect with the doctor tomorrow.. Oh, excuse with the nurse practitioner, we haven’t seen a doctor in two or three weeks.

Isa’s Menu Today

Cherrios with milk  ( this is the mama & papa cheater breakfast)

Bean Burritos

Fancy non-cheeto cheetos and a fruity pop

Fruit salad (see above)

Brown Rice, carrots, & carrot sauce (ranch dressing)


Not sure why I am doing this menu thing. It just happened one day and I’ve been doing it . Let me know if you like it.

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  1. anonymous permalink
    April 16, 2009 11:59 am

    Fruit salad made be little girls sounds wonderful!

    Curious how the bacteria in fruit is different than the bacteria in kefir? I googled it. “Kefir grains are a combination of bacteria and yeasts in a matrix of proteins, lipids, and sugars.”

    • cheflucien permalink
      April 16, 2009 8:00 pm

      Kefir is a known beneficial bacteria to the intestines that is controlled by its symbiotic relationship with a helpful yeast. Bacteria from fruit can be something like…e coli, or c. dif which can be very harmful. Bacteria is just like every thing else in the world there are good ones and bad ones.

      Fruit bought from a grocery store, grown conventionally with pesticides, picked by an under paid migrant worker, and shipped half way around the world has a big chance to be contaminated with something that can make a child with a compromised immune system very sick whereas the Kefir has the potential to help her.

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