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Fever Scare…Again

March 23, 2009

The body’s natural defense…. If I can’t eat the invader then I will make the environment unfriendly.  Too hot sounds good. How about we try that?  

Amazingly, a temperature can climb quickly, and I use Celsius! It takes longer than Fahrenheit for the temperature to rise.  We started out at 37.1 and ended up at 39.4. (About 99 to about 103.) Called the phone nurse, left a message, then got everyone ready to go. Packed the bags for an overnight, loaded up the family truckster and away we went. Gratefully we live close, otherwise it would have been a trip to “our local ER” where they have none of her records, limited familiarity with accessing a port, a doctor who may or may not understand oncology. 

Height & weight, then to an exam room, where I put the EMLA cream (skin numb creme) on Isa’s port so that it could be accessed. Before anything happened we had to get blood. The blood counts had only changed slightly since Thursday, WBC, Hgb, Hct and platelets were all the same or similar, her ANC went down to 600 from 950. This was important to decide whether she had to be admitted or not.

The most serious aspect of a fever is a possible infection in the central line port.

The nurse took two cultures and those will likely come back negative, but we will be notified if anything grows. From what I understand the port needs to be protected from infection at all costs. Remember it goes directly into her body through a major vein.

Dr. Hill, a new to us doctor, let us know that at times a fever could be associated with the beginning of a viral infection. He looked at the x-ray again, and said that there was nothing noteworthy. Luckily for us her counts were good, the other signs were good, she got IV fluids and a big ole dose of IV Rocephin. The antibiotics should work for 24-48 hours and by that time the cultures will be back.

WE GOT TO GO HOME  …Yay. Both hubby & I thought we’d be spending the next three days at the hospital.

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  1. March 24, 2009 11:18 am

    You have a beautiful daughter. I am impressed with how you organize facts about her treatment. We went through leukemia treatment with our son Jaymun and I remember the “info bombardment”.

    Prayers and best wishes from the Kaat’s


    • March 24, 2009 7:44 pm

      Everyone click on the link to Jaymum’s Dad! His story is incredible. Check out the alternative medicine pages. What an amazing man. That stuff isn’t easy to learn.

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