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Another Day at ROC

March 19, 2009

Every week is a big hassle. Yes, going to Riley Outpatient Center saves her life. BUT I don’t have to like it. Because we are still in the Consolidation phase, we have another month of  once a week treatments. Even though it only takes about four to five hours, it feels like it takes the whole day. We’ve started taking the earliest appointments. Anyone who knows me well should stop laughing now. It makes it easier to get in and get out. The later appointments become filled by those who have to drive for hours just to get to the clinic. Luckily there are some regional clinics for some communities. This Thursday marks the LAST spinal tap for consolidation, and the last VCR until the end of April WOOT! We WILL also be discussing the cough she has had now for three weeks. She coughs so hard that we have been turning on the shower to get some moisture into her lungs. 

In the first days of treatment, I felt so nervous about going. No, nervous isn’t quite the right feeling. The term “deer in headlights” comes to mind. For those of you who have never experienced this, and yes there are those who haven’t. Imagine yourself driving along a street with absolutely NO street lights whatsoever. The only light coming from your car’s very own headlamps, or maybe  a passing car.  You sing along with the radio in this passive and enjoyable drive. Then SUDDENLY off to the right you see something HUGE… just standing there. STARING AT YOU…. but of course you are barreling down the road at 60 mph, but this thing doesn’t move. It just stands there. STARING AT YOU.  Then behind it you see three or four more of these beasts, STARING AT YOU.  That is a deer in a headlights .. I was the one just staring at all the other families. Staring at the nurses. Staring at the magazines without reading them. 

Like most deer, I too will jump out of the way, the next time I see something large and heavy speeding toward me. Hopefully I ‘ll be better at figuring out which way to leap.


Note…. I added a new page called Consolidation Schedule for those of you interested in when we “should” be doing things. I assume that this is based on everything going smoothly

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  1. Auntie permalink
    March 20, 2009 6:34 am

    Bless your heart. How healthy that you have words from your mouth that expresses your tumbled insides. You’re a great Mom, doing a great (hard) job. Auntie.

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