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My Favorite Scar

February 11, 2009

Recently, some friends and I have discussed positive language. In the midst of a three-year long cancer treatment it takes even extra focus to remain positive. In the past month, yes, it has already been a month, I have heard “I hate this cancer,” “Cancer is a monster,” and other such things like this. When she was first diagnosed I made a promise to myself to find as much positive as possible. Everyone knows what the worst outcome could be, so why dwell on the small stuff. Expect the best outcome and be open to receiving the best outcome.

For example, this is my favorite scar.

This scar will travel with Isa to her favorite European city. This scar will go on the Appalachian Trail with Isa. This scar will be with her when she graduates from college.

This scar represents all the life saving measures that the doctors performed to save her life. Starting with Dr. Sue Stack. Without her quick diagnosis and referral to The Children’s Hospital, we could have wasted time treating symptoms rather than the disease.

Therefore, this is my favorite scar. Only an inch or so long, and just now about an eighth of an inch across.

One side effect of the steroid, dexamethasone.

One side effect of the steroid, dexamethasone.

The doctors  use years of experience, testing, trial and error to create treatment plans for children. Because Isa’s blood counts were in the mid-range, she is considered standard-therapy. (I apologize if this is not exactly right.) From the way I understand it there are three range–Low, Standard and High protocols.

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  1. mei mei loca permalink
    April 2, 2009 5:53 pm

    i dreamed of you guys last night. in the dream, isa still had black hair, like when she was born and i used to take care of her. someday that scar will be a faded tale of a time she barely remembers. like when she had black hair. i like your approach. scars are tough and cool and good conversation starters. they turn into stories about how badass you are. they impress new boyfriends… or girlfriends.
    love to you all, nida mei mei

    • April 2, 2009 9:51 pm

      Hell yeah, mei mei.. I am so sick of all this pansy ass bullshit. (This is the first time dirty mouth mama has actually cusssed.) Can you imagine how hard that has been? You get it. You friggen get it. So many people have missed the boat on this one. Quizas las chicas que estaban mas badass en Nuevo Mexico, porque aqui, no las son. I hope that makes sense, it has been a long time para ni de jie jie…

  2. Jill Elston Deputy permalink
    February 13, 2009 8:30 pm

    Your family and especially Isa are in my thoughts. Day by day you will find a new norm and a way of dealing. Just wanted to let you know so many are thinking of you and are willing to help when it is needed.

  3. Natascha permalink
    February 12, 2009 5:25 am

    I know it wont always be easy, however, I commend you for the positive thoughts and comments. Your comments about the scar being with her for all her adventures in life, what a great way to look at it. Jack has 2 scars on his left leg when he broke his leg, and I will share your comments with him. I’m sure he’ll love it. We’re thinking of you daily…. Please give your family our love.

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