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Fever Scare

February 10, 2009

Today was the first day that I had a true fever scare. When we left the hospital we had explicit directions to call immediately if her fever reached a certain point. Well, as most mothers would be, I have had that thermometer out at least once a day. Every time we give her Tylenol, the only pain medication that isn’t a blood thinner, we have to take her temperature. Even though it is a pain reliever it also lowers fever, which the doctors use as an indicator of infection.

Today, her fever started out at 37.1, and rose to 37.4, from 99.0 to 99.3. It was inching upward and I was getting a little more anxious with each tenth of a point. The likelihood of her returning to the hospital was getting closer and closer. As I said, the doctors have the fever to indicate infection. Infection in an immuno-compromised person indicates antibiotics. The Children’s Oncology Group, of which Riley is a part, has a protocol that includes antibiotics every six hours by vein. So, IV antibiotics mean a trip (and a 72-hour stay) to the hospital.

Currently, the temp has leveled out at 37.5, 99.5F; so like all things with this disease, we just have to wait.

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