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Food Cravings Still

February 7, 2009

Isabella’s cravings for food rival those of someone on a juice-fast. She woke us up Thursday night screaming for mac & cheese. And as you all know, mac & cheese doesn’t take that long to make, but with a three year old screaming for it. Well, it feels like it takes forever. I hate to say this, I don’t like mac & cheese for breakfast, so I didn’t give into her cravings. Some parents I’ve talked to give them whatever they ask for. Supposedly the doctors allow this practice. One mom told me that her son craved pizza rolls. I’ve never had a pizza roll. She still loves pickles, but has turned into a salami head. She loves salami even if she isn’t on decadron. This morning Papa found that the bag had been opened and yes, she sneaked into the fridge.

The oddest thing, to me, is how she says, “I am going to be hungry forever.” It seems like such a poignant statement. Each time she says it, I try to re-direct by saying, say you are hungry now, that there is plenty of food. The brain is a powerful and interesting organ, I fear that if that phrase, hungry forever, gets trapped in there, it will never come out.

The price of mac & cheese has really gone up. I remember buying it at Kroger on Second Street in Bloomington, for 59 cents. Now there are bunny shaped pastas, Arthur shaped pasta, the requisite organic and the ubiquitous Kraft. One mom suggested the Easy Mac. Papa took one look at the contents of said Easy mac and laughed heartily. Every time he laughs, snorts or sighs I say, “WHAT?” Yes, it annoys him. But this time he replied, “This ain’t enough food. She’ll eat three of these without batting an eye.”

One more week in Induction, then we are off to standard consolidation.
So, I am writing then uploading when I can, I have committed to writing everyday. Surely, I can upload everyday!! Thanks for your prayers and continued interest.

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  1. February 10, 2009 2:53 pm

    Now she is off of Mac & Cheese and onto Salami. We shouldn’t have purchased it, but Papa felt like she wanted it. Yesterday morning, she got into the fridge and ate about a quarter pound of it.

    All you leukemia parents reading this….beware of salami.

  2. Natascha permalink
    February 10, 2009 12:23 pm

    You can get Mac n Cheese at Save-a-lot for $.39 for a full box… I get it there and the kids inhale it.

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