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Working Toward Cure

January 26, 2009

Each pill and each bag of toxic cancer killer gets us closer to a healthy child. Friday, Isa sat on her papa’s lap watching a cartoon while the LMX took effect. During that interval, the nurses  started her infusion of Vincristin. Later, she would lean over a towel, cris-cross applesauce, while they puncture her lower back between the vertebra. The LMX cream is to numb the area before they insert any needles. As parents we have honored Isa by allowing whomever she wants with her to go. This is how Papa ended up in the hospital, and how he sat with her during her first out-patient. Yes, I even asked her several times, just to be sure. 

Each time we go for treatments, I am so grateful to all the children, rats, monkeys, and other parents who have gone before. Without the children who have died, my child wouldn’t have the opportunity to live. Without animal testing carcinogens may have never been found. Yes, I realize the crassness of these statements, and any PETA friends I have, I do apologize for any offense. At this point in time, I choose to believe that the souls who have already crossed over from cancer volunteered their lives to work toward a cure.

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  1. christine arthur permalink
    January 27, 2009 6:18 pm

    I hope Isa is feeling better soon and that she is doing okay with the drugs for treatment. I do imagine it would be harder on the grown-ups to deal with this than on the kids, since being a kid you really can’t grasp the overall picture of what is truly going on – It’s more moment-to-moment – cartoon, procedure, popsicle, nap, cartoon, etc…. It’s great that you’re letting her decide who takes her for treatments. She needs as many choices as possible to help her feel more in control. She might really like having one of those medical dolls/bears, that you can give shots to, etc.??

  2. Natascha permalink
    January 27, 2009 7:26 am

    No one would be angry with you for saying that. I think — no i believe any parent would feel the same way. You don’t want your child to go through this, however, if the doctors learned anything from the survivors (or victims) — hopefully it will help your child. I’ve always said, that is why it’s called practicing medicine. Every person reacts differently to medicine.. Hopefully it will (quickly) help Isa. We’re all pulling for her!

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