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Day 3? Day 4? What day is it anyway?

January 17, 2009

Today felt like a good day. After Papa took a nap and a shower, I decided that Isa should start to move a little bit. So, I convinced her to stand by her bed. What is it about the difference in the sound of the cries. Some you know are fake. No ifs, ands, or butts, you say to yourself…. that is a fake cry. So you persevere and ahhh….. yes, they realize, that you have discovered their ruse. That was Isa as she stood by her bed. I looked her straight in the eye and said.

“Isa, this is Mama here now, Papa is gone and you know Mama don’t fool around.”

The crying stopped and in a clear voice she said. It hurts right here, and pointed to the port. With that in mind, I asked G. to give us a number. G said 40 (which I believe is my favorite number right now.) So I counted to 40 as she stood there. She actually stood there a little longer than that count. She got distracted by something….perhaps me telling her that she was going to have to stand every time we go to pee?  Maybe.  But with the fluids flowing through her at quickly, to protect her kidneys from the toxins, we go nearly every 1.5 hours. Carrying her, pushing the IV pole with all its tubes and bags, maneuvering around my bags and our roommates’ stuff , well, you get the idea.  If she could stand, it would be easier.

I have been waiting for her to wake up.  It has been about two, almost three hourse since she last went pee. You know if I lie down, she will pop up immediately.

Grandpa E showed up today, and Isa perked up. She put on quite a show. Three year olds on steroids—that is not something that you really want to be around. She actually scooted to the edge of the bed so she could play with the puzzle. G was here and which toy do you imagine that she wanted to play with….. yes,  many of you parents guessed it….The TEA set.  Ha, tricked you. It was the puzzle. Screaming ensued. Grandpa felt right at home. He didn’t even get to experience the sedate and quietly scared children. But I did convince G to play with the plastic tea set that the hospital gave the girls. That was sort of a mistake too. Juggling visitors, while Papa was gone, and two toys with lots of pieces. What day is it? Where am I? Is it day or night?

Luckily, Amy helped G put together a 100 pc. puzzle, (IN A DIFFERENT ROOM!!!) I convinced Isa to ride in the little car that goes around and around the Hem/Onc unit to the play room. Where oddly enough she wanted to play with the kitchen.  Puzzles and Tea sets. Do you get the theme for today?

Then the highlight of the week a visit from one of the mostest dearest friends in all the universe. You know the kind that make you laugh from the get-go, who even if you decide to call them from a university pay-phone at some random hour with a boyfriend they’ve never met, they say,

‘Hey yeah, you can stay at my boyfriends house. He just got a new dog.’

Do you remember Joe and his wiener? dog?  Seems like he had a little cat too?

Holy shit, she brought the goods. She practically thought of everything. Plus it helped that she read my blog post about what to bring, which was obviously spawned by what I didn’t have. You’ll see more about this later. It’s good.

My husband and I are getting more and more tired each moment. It is so tiring, physically emotionally….

The nurse is here changing her antibiotic bag out, and taking vitals. Isa still hasn’t awakened to pee…

Good night

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  1. Miss Amy permalink
    January 18, 2009 8:50 pm

    How’s things going 2day? Just thinking bout ya’all. I hope all is well. Tell the girls I said Hello!!!!

  2. Pat Horvath permalink
    January 18, 2009 8:40 pm

    I am Joan’s long time friend from Scottsburg, Ind.
    we keep in touch and pray for one another. I know that will help give you some peace and the doctors concern and treatment and especially heal for Isabella Rose. Hope you all get some needed rest soon. thank you for the news frin there. What are they telling you on DX. ? Hugs and Blessings, Patricia Richey Nierman Horvath

  3. rutledge permalink
    January 18, 2009 8:37 pm

    Thank all of y’all for feeding me pizza!! Hope today went well. I’m trying to figure out the twitter. You are my “twister sister”

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