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Late Night Cultures

January 17, 2009

Isa’s temperature just spiked 101.6. Fevers are common with Leukemia, especially it seems after getting blood products like packed red blood cells (PRBC) or platelets.

The doctor on call ordered cultures from her port and from a peripheral poke, a poke from a vein in her hand. The woman who did the needlework hit the mark. I love a good nurse poker.  The cultures will be back in a few days, until then Isa gets anti-biotics every 6 hours.

The cultures come from two spots for a comparison. One comes from the port to assess whether or not an infection is growing there.  The second comes from another spot because it will indicate whether an infection is in the blood, also called sepsis.

I spoke with the Doc today,(Jan 17) he said, “no news is good news on cultures.”  They have it automated, so that if a culture becomes positive at any moment, it will notify the team. Rather than take any chances the antibiotics will be given for 48-72 hours then discontinued (DC’d) if nothing grows.

Two different antibiotics can be used, Rocephin or Zosyn.

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  1. Jo Ash permalink
    January 18, 2009 3:29 pm

    How is her fever now?

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